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by Ace Atkins

Pub Date: May 30th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-399-16178-0
Publisher: Putnam

A small-town Mississippi sheriff fights criminals and corruption.

Former Army Ranger Quinn Colson returned to Tibbehah County and took over the sheriff’s job from crooked Johnny Stagg. Now his sister, a former wild child who recently returned home to reclaim her son and her life, is dating Jamey Dixon, who’s been pardoned for murdering his wife. Claiming that he found Jesus in prison, Jamey’s returned home to run a ministry out of an old barn. Things get a whole lot worse when two escaped convicts show up looking for Jamey, who they think has the money from an armored car robbery they never got the chance to collect before being caught. Jamey claims that Stagg kept most of the money after using the rest to bribe the governor to pardon Jamey. The cons don’t care who has the money. They’ve already killed two federal agents and are willing to do whatever it takes to retrieve it. In addition to conducting a manhunt for the killers, Quinn is continuing a secret affair with the high school sweetheart who married another man. His sister believes in Jamey, but it’s hard for Quinn to tell whether Stagg or Jamey is telling the truth about the stolen money. Then his hometown is struck by a tornado. Amid the devastation, Quinn digs deep into dark and dirty secrets and does what he must to protect his family.

The third in Atkins’ acclaimed series (The Lost Ones, 2012, etc.) is a high-tension thriller with a hero to rival Jack Reacher.