LITTLE HARRY by Achim Broger


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A toned-down version of Bruno (1975) and Outrageous Kasimir (1976), little Harry is a small child with tamer fantasies, and his daydreams are acknowledged as such--when each of the 17 little adventures is over, Harry snuggles up to tell his mother the story he's been imagining. Many episodes have Harry magically summoning a man with qualities he lacks--a fast man, a fearless man, a strong man, a jolly man (when his parents aren't), or a human alarm clock--but these end with the visitor being too fast, strong, or whatever for his own good. Some of the little stories have a wispy, whimsical appeal, but with a sandman, a vacuum-cleaner witch, a stick man (drawn by Harry), a TV sheriff, and a crew of servants also popping up at little Harry's, the incidents become repetitive. And the surreal charm of Bruno and Kasimir is missing.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1979
Publisher: Morrow