WINTER'S TALES 6 by A.D.- Ed Maclean


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This sixth collection of the British short story makes a very satisfying showing and certainly a good many of the writers included here are already familiar to American readers. Gabriel Fielding appears with the uncomfortably knowing Figs in Spring, there's another nasty bit of business in Peter Glanville's A Bad Streak more wistful, there's Francis King's Prison and Margaret Laurence's story of permanent exiles- The Perfume Sed, Liam O'Flsherty's talent for strapping Irish comedy is put to good use in The Post Office, Jean Rhys' Outside the Machine, ""the long, grey river"" of a hospital ward and a woman with nothing to live for- is perhaps the most moving; while Muriel Spark's The Dark Glasses is expectedly original, wi ked and accomplished. Then there's Frank Tuohy's A Survived in which a three-time loser reaches the end of the line in South America -- Desmond Stuart and James Plunkett..... There may not be an appreciable market - but there should be an interested one and it will find this collection has much to offer- certainly in its variety of mood and uniform excellence of style.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1961
Publisher: St. Martin's Press