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From the All the Stars and Teeth series, volume 2

by Adalyn Grace

Pub Date: Feb. 2nd, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-250-30781-1
Publisher: Imprint

Amora and her lovable crew are back in a dramatic duology closer.

After the life-changing events at the end of All the Stars and Teeth (2020), the recently crowned Queen Amora sees her kingdom of Visidia in turmoil, her authority questioned, and her ideals put in check by the secrets kept by her family over centuries. Now unable to wield her powerful magic and with half of her soul trapped inside the dashing pirate Bastian, Amora and her friends sail all over the kingdom to find a legendary artifact that may break her curse and finally allow her to make things right for her people. This powerful sequel effectively resolves wider political and societal issues and thoughtfully engages with Amora’s inner struggles with regard to her power, accountability for mistakes made in the past, her romantic feelings for Bastian, and her ongoing PTSD after witnessing the death of her father. The book is at its best when focusing on the captivating found family formed by Amora’s close friends and their fierce loyalty to one another, although some of the drama within the crew is unnecessarily and frustratingly protracted due to Amora’s unconvincing resolve to keep secrets from them. The denouement may feel rushed, but the book ultimately sticks the landing. In a world featuring characters with diverse physical appearances, Amora has brown skin.

A touching end to a tale about cursed bloodlines, politics, and love.

(map) (Fantasy. 14-adult)