DYNAMO FARM by Adam Allen
Kirkus Star


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I might as well confess to a weakness for 4-H stories, for it seems to me that the 4-H movement is one of the bulwarks of democracy in our country. This is a good one, with a new slant, even though the skeleton theme is old. City folk come to a down at heel farm, learn to make their lives -- and themselves over -- and have a good time doing it. But the new kink is that the project which homesick Terry develops on his own is an electrical project, which ultimately brings fame to their 4-H club and greater comfort and security to the farm which is their home. Terry is a very convincingly drawn character, and one would like to shake him hard at times. But he comes through at the end.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1942
Publisher: Lippincott