ROMAN GO HOME! by Adam Fergusson


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This historical ""satire"" which transfers the decline and fall of Empire to cloudy events of the fifth century, has its moments of truth and fun but bogs down in gentle tedium once the joke has become obvious. Noble Marcus, family friend of the Emperor Honorius and aide-de-camp to his uncle, Governor of Britain, falls heavily in love with the blonde daughter of a ""barbarian"" British chief, Costans, against the wishes of his family and the lovely Roman Princess he left behind. Ascending to power in a nationalist coup by using the terror tactics of the Druids (""murder and mistletoe"") is Costans' brother, Vortigern, who kills Costans and becomes King to drive out the Romans. The Romans plan a civilized withdrawal although doubting that the Britains are ready for self-government. Enter the Saxons, only too happy to aid the ""freedom-loving people"" of Britain. With the Romans out, the Saxons in, Marcus and Imogen (""they're all named Imogen"") are parted. Some amusing scenes(like a native barrow-digging contest before a catatonically bored Empress), but in general, the author is explicating rather than entertaining.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1969
Publisher: Putnam