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GIVE AND TAKE by Adam Grant


A Revolutionary Approach to Success

by Adam Grant

Pub Date: April 9th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-670-02655-5
Publisher: Viking

A scholarly discussion on the push and pull of business ethics.

Do good guys really finish last? Grant, an organizational psychologist and prominent Wharton professor, hopes to convince readers otherwise with a book chock full of testimonial stories from businessmen and social scientists on the pros and cons of both giver and taker mentalities. Attitudes in the workplace, he writes, tend to be predominantly of the “matcher” variety (“governed by even exchanges of favors”), whereby a reciprocal balance is strived for and looks good on paper but isn’t always achieved. He notes that givers are looked upon as too soft and trusting, while takers are perceived as callous and hyperdominant. The author provides lively, supplemental case histories from industry givers and takers, like Enron scandal kingpin Kenneth Lay, benevolent online entrepreneur Adam Rifkin and Craigslist’s Craig Newmark, as well as lawyers, hip-hop magnates, teachers and historical greats like Abraham Lincoln and Frank Lloyd Wright. Grant seeks to persuade readers that altruistic givers are too-often underestimated in the business arena, and while some play doormats, many become uniformly successful. He explores the productive nuances of business networking, customer-relationship–building, and practiced, effective communication. In cross matching their characteristics, Grant intimates that there are attributes to be gained in business and career management by being a giver or taker, but he recognizes that a smart combination of both will prove the most effective. He offers “Actions for Impact” to best apply his principles, and his approach is consistently prosocial for readers in every aspect of the business world.

Slick strategies and a fresh approach for business professionals wishing to tip the scales of reciprocity.