LOVE SONG by Adam Kennedy


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Adam Kennedy whose first books (Maggie D., Somebody Else's Wife) were Peyton Placelets and whose last book, The Domino Principle, will soon be on view, has written a one snuffle love story out of West Virginia. Kermit comes back there after four years in the army. He's never really made up his mind about Jessie; she's never changed hers and neither has Chet, his oldest friend, who also loves her even if he finds other outlets. Kermit overstays his furlough and the charge is compounded when Chet is fatally cracked on the head by the officer who comes after Kermit and then leaves him to pick up the tab. Romeo and Juliet in Appalachia, with sentiment as the real kicker. You could do worse.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1976
Publisher: Viking