HAROLD LLOYD: The King of Daredevil Comedy by Adam Reilly

HAROLD LLOYD: The King of Daredevil Comedy

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Reilly's kaleidoscopic homage to Lloyd may succeed where Lloyd failed--i.e., to resurrect himself through newly edited versions of his films. The two compilations he personally edited and released did him a disservice: they were all climaxes. Usually Lloyd played the ineffectual dolt until the last ten minutes when the worm turns into a lion. To show a string of climaxes with no slow buildup fails to bring out the big laughs that really are there in his full-length films. Since his death, Time-Life Films has re-edited them for wide distribution. So, ""Harold Lloyd returns!"" should soon be a fact. The present book is a thoroughgoing boost, with elaborate synopses, long quotes from old-time reviewers, new appreciations by William K. Everson, Andrew Sarris, and others, and a biographical sketch.

Pub Date: Nov. 30th, 1977
Publisher: Macmillan