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SILLY DOGGY! by Adam Stower


by Adam Stower & illustrated by Adam Stower

Age Range: 3 - 6

Pub Date: April 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-545-37323-4
Publisher: Orchard/Scholastic

Lily's new pet is a real handful.

One morning, little Lily spots "something wonderful" in her garden. It's big and brown and hairy, and she's always wanted one. Rushing outside, she interrupts a bear rooting through the garbage, and uses her scarf to improvise a leash. "Doggy!" she declares, and takes him for a walk. Busy Mom doesn't really look when Lily explains her discovery, suggesting that Doggy might be lost. To help Doggy's owner find him, Lily makes a big poster and tacks it to a tree, secretly hoping that nobody sees it. Meantime, she learns a lot about Doggy: He hates dog food but loves to raid the refrigerator. He likes to play in the park but hates to walk there. He won't fetch or sit or stay, but he loves being scratched. He doesn't like to get a bath but looks very pretty when he's clean. Of course somebody does see the poster, and comes to Lily's door. Zookeeper Theodore Wilde is immensely relieved to take "Doggy" back home to the zoo. But wouldn't you know it that the next morning, Lily spots another something wonderful in her garden: "Kitty!" Young readers should relate to Lily's curiosity and sense of adventure, well captured in Stower's pictures, which make the bear look mild-mannered and bemused. Still, it is but one of many odd-pet books out there.

Funny enough, but it won't have much staying power. (Picture book. 3-6)