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GO, BIKES, GO! by Addie Boswell


From the Vehicles in Motion series

by Addie Boswell ; illustrated by Alexander Mostov

Pub Date: April 16th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-63217-220-4
Publisher: Little Bigfoot/Sasquatch

Over 50 bikes of all sizes, shapes, and purposes wheel across and even off the 20 pages of this compact board book.

Little ones will study the busy illustrations of exotic versions of this iconic means of transportation. An invitation to count—“Old bikes. / New bikes. / Built-for-two bikes. // Bikes with three wheels. / Bikes with four. / Doesn’t that bike need one more?”—is paired with a picture of a brown-skinned, helmet-wearing child popping a wheelie and followed by a dog pushing the bike’s missing front wheel. The same dog can be found on every spread, and every bike rider is wearing a helmet. The bikes are historical (a pennyfarthing high-wheeler) or fantastical (bikes disguised as a ladybug, shark, and even eyeglasses). One even has eight shoes spaced around each wheel instead of conventional tires. All are recognizable as bikes, even by toddlers still limited to scoot bikes or tricycles. The colorful and active graphics clearly convey the excitement, freedom, and joy bike riding brings to this multicultural cast. Two minor quibbles: The details are small, limiting enjoyment to children with fairly well-developed eyesight; and unfortunately, the black tires of a fairly magnificent pony-bike are lost against a dark background and the training wheels on that bike are distorted. Otherwise, it’s ready to roll.

Grab a helmet and a caregiver or friend, then—go! (Board book. 2-4)