UPWARD NOBILITY: How to Win the Rat Race Without Becoming a Rat by Addison Steele

UPWARD NOBILITY: How to Win the Rat Race Without Becoming a Rat

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In the wake of bestselling books about corporate throat-slitting techniques, it had to come--niceness backlash. ""I am assuming that you are an ordinary garden-variety nice person,"" gurgles Addison: Steele (the pseudonym of a New York book editor with obsessive confessional tendencies), and from then on she won't leave your side for a second. Although the title half-promises to deliver a formula that will enable nice guys to finish first, alas! Most of the nice guys (and girls) from Steele's publishing anecdotes seem. to get fired or lose promotions (ah, you didn't want that job anyway--""Climbing is so hard on the nervous system""). The corporation is generally the villain--""The corporate situation is perhaps the closest we Americans ever come to tyranny,"" blubbers one disgruntled employee--and any rational, right thinking person simply must view corporate illogic with horror and repulsion. Seven quizzes probe your psyche--would you be happy dealing extensively in corporate maneuvers? If not, there is plenty of tea and sympathy from Steele, who thinks you should retain your self-respect. For actual, self-respecting help, see Schoenberg, above.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1978
Publisher: Times Books