GETTING BETTER by Adelaide Bry


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Clinical psychologist Adelaide Bry discovered one somber day that with approximately 130 methods of therapy and self-improvement on the market, the average layman is bewildered by brand-name profusion. She attempts to sandbag the onslaught by zipping through some typical techniques from 20 of the most popular methods--a dry-run effort that never quite evokes the scene it's meant to extol: ""You will visualize a walland pass through it, you will enter a piece of metal."" The technique descriptions are rounded out with a (usually shallow) run-through on theory, an indication of typical length of treatment, and a wide range of typical prices. The lucky 20 embrace everything from behavior therapy to rolfing to TM to est (this last is Bry's personal favorite--she is the author of est.' The 60 Hours that Transform Your Life, 1976). There are also some tacked-on thoughts about choosing a therapist and combining a potpourri of techniques to master ""the twelve most common problems of our time"" (addiction, depression, phobias, tension, etc.). Convincing only to those who crave conversion in the first place.

Pub Date: Jan. 8th, 1978
Publisher: Rawson, Wade--dist. by Atheneum