RED SUN AND HARVEST MOON by Adelaide Champneys


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The interval between wars in England as setting for a prolonged story of the broken rhythms in one woman's life, and the pressures that taught her to fight for what she wanted. There's a repetition of the persecution pattern as Mildred Vane is first smothered into an anaemic existence by an energetic aunt, and later hounded by a vengeful cousin. At the death of her father, Mildred's Aunt Isabel drives away Ross, whom Mildred loves, forces a life of invalidism on her. Clifford, Isabel's son, gets on the trail of Mildred's old love, keeps silent about his discoveries, and- disinherited by his mother just before his death, tries to marry Mildred. But she thwarts his ambition when her half brother and sister arrive, and develops her independence and vitality in taking care of them. And it is the twins who save her when Clifford tries to ruin her. They turn to Ross who helps them, and together Mildred and Ross find courage to face the future.... Not of the better brand of English imports.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill