LEARNING TO LOVE FOREVER: A 40-Day Plan for a Love That Lasts by Adelaide with Leonard Felder Bry

LEARNING TO LOVE FOREVER: A 40-Day Plan for a Love That Lasts

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So far clinical psychologist Bry has given us the Werner-Erhard-inspired last word on Directing the Movies of Your Mind (1978), choosing a therapist (Getting Better, 1979), and Friendship (1979); so presumably it was only a matter of time until we got to Love. On this occasion, Bry even casts her mawkish prose in the form of free-flowing verse. But there's no poetry here: prepare yourself, rather, to handle endless questions, lists, and exercises--a few at a time for 40 days. Then perhaps you'll understand your reluctance to love (first eight days: ""Do You Really Want a Relationship?""); or the pitfalls that ensnare us (e.g., duplicating parental mistakes); or the true joys of commitment (via the burning question, ""How Is a Commitment Different From a Prison Sentence?""). Other major topics are handled with an equally elephantine touch: depressions won't gain the upper hand if we first Listen To and Become Independent of the Noise Inside Our Heads. Seekers after instant perfection are counseled to ponder a minute: How long did it take Noah to build his ark? Or Francis Ford Coppola to make Apocalypse Now? Bry envisions each of the 40 days as bringing with it a ""major breakthrough."" Snap self-betterment, of the sillier sort.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1982
Publisher: Macmillan