DIRECTING THE MOVIES OF YOUR MIND: Visualization for Health and Insight by Adelaide with Marjorie Bair Bry

DIRECTING THE MOVIES OF YOUR MIND: Visualization for Health and Insight

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Be forewarned. The author's visualization of how to write this book came in the form of a voice which said ""Speak to the golden child in each and every one."" There follows chapter after chapter of gush and drivel--how I found love, $50,000 a year, a cancer cure, a slim figure, my dream house, my dream dog--by making mind movies. Relax, dear, practice your deep breathing, stop fretting, stop linear thinking, picture yourself on the golden shore. Imagine an animal there. Talk to it. Ask it questions. The answers will come. Not coming? Must be some part of you is afraid or reluctant. You like being sick? You like being dependent? Afraid to go out in the big world on your own? And on and on with inspiration and courage. Lots of spoonfuls of Werner Erhard here: ""His aliveness and the love he radiates touch and inspire almost all who come in contact with him."" Every once in a while a spoonful of reasonableness--ways to relax, ways to use your brain in mental rehearsals (as in sports training) or to increase sensory awareness. Give credit for that. For the rest? Wishing will make it so. U 2 cn gt a btr jb w m pa. . . or worse, mischief--laying on personal responsibility for cancer, unhappiness, failure. And Banality Beyond Belief.

Pub Date: May 31st, 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row