THE EXPANDABLE BROWNS by Adele & Cateau Deleuw


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A warm story of a family in which there always seems to be room for one more takes the Browns and their children Pat, Bob and Suzie through a bustling half year. As the story opens they are living in town, in rather cramped style. Rex, a large dog acquired by Suzie, and young Aunt Meg who comes to stay while job hunting- send them househunting and they find a nice big old place in the country where they can spread out comfortably- and take on a few more boarders. There's Kenny, a problem child whose mother is temporarily sick; more cats, dogs, and rabbits; and grumpy Mr. Teague, a paying boarder. When Meg marries, the wedding is exciting. But when Mrs. Brown decides to start a child care center, Mr. Teague objects and leaves. He returns later to tell them happily that living with the Browns had changed him and reconciled him with his wife, from whom he was separated. Realistic, unsentimental, Gilbrethian existence.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1955
Publisher: Little, Brown