DOCTOR KATE:  on Snowshoes by Adele Comandial

DOCTOR KATE: on Snowshoes

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An admiring account of an admirable career of dedicated service which was determined portly by certain tragic incidents in the youth of Kate Pelham, a shy, plain, rather prim girl when she entered the field of medicine. Forfeiting marriage- to go into practice, Kate started out in New York, moved on to Detroit where she found she could combine medicine and Bill. Bill's acute enemis drove him out of the city, and into the northwoods (Wisconsin) where Kate joined him and Bill regained his strength. For Kate there was further tragedy the loss of a baby- later equalized by the birth of Tommy. At this time, however, the verbal strafing of a local doctor took her back into practice- there in the woods; her many years of rewarding if materially unrewarded service in a backward area finally led to the fulfillment of a much needed hospital; her (surprise) appearance on This Is Your Life and further fame in the Reader's Digest brought in more than a hundred thousand dollars for her hospital; while personal tragedies, (she lost her home and almost her son) did not keep her from her appointed rounds.... In no sense an unusual story; but there are wholesome values which may reach beyond the sphere of local, regional enthusiasm.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1955
Publisher: Rinehart