IT'S FUN TO COOK by Adele de Leeuw


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By an author of successfully selling novels for teen agers, here's a cook book-sensible and with a glamour and ""wow the gang with the prowess"" appeal that should prove popular. Along with a companionable and intimate introduction are the basic hints about measuring, methodical preparation and methodical cleaning up. In the chapters on different dishes, first things come first. Basic dishes are rice, white sauce, macaroni and cheese etc. Then come the hot chocolate and cinnamon, and pizza-from-English-Muffin affairs for entertaining the gang. Suggestions for sick people on bland diets- for picnics, vegetables, desserts (the pudding variety- no difficult pies and cakes) cookies and candy-buffets and whole simple meals are some of the other chapters. And always between recipes comes Miss de Leeuw's helpful voice-over-the-shoulder telling how the dish should look, when to use it, whom it will thrill, not to mention the occasional anecdote about her grandmother's or a best friend's cooking experience. Gushy as it sounds there is a definite market for this kind of thing. The recipes are tasty and in good variety. Get in a supply of this volume if you don't want to lose out on a lot of customers.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1952
Publisher: Macmillan