BLUE RIBBONS FOR MEG by Adele de Leeuw


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The author of many books for girls here turns back the clock to 1900 with a gentle little piece about a homesick youngster at a U. S. Cavalry post in Dakota. Nine-year-old Meg from Boston who loves reading and story telling feels very much a stranger with her energetic cousins in Dakota with whom she lives while her family is away. Although of her own age, Meg's cousins and their friends seem to thrive on the wild country and vigorous life of the cavalry post where their father is Captain. How Meg makes friends, learns to ride her very own pony, meets some real Indians, save a little boy from drowning, and wins a blue ribbon in a horse show, makes a pleasant tale for girls. Although Meg, in her devotion to her Teddy Bear and in her timidity, may annoy some of the sophisticates in this age group, the background of life in the army camp is sure to appeal.

Publisher: Little, Brown