THE BARRED ROAD by Adele DeLeeuw
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A sensitive story by a well known writer whose other books have been varied (one on cooking and a pioneer story for the 8 -- 11 group), deals with a popular white girl's decision to befriend the Negroes in her highschool in Brookhaven, N. J., and the disastrous to heartening consequences that follow. New in Brookhaven herself, Susan Trowbridge makes friends easily and has no difficulty getting a natural ""in"" with the right crowd. But her gregariousness and a deep sense of human dignity leads her into companionship with the Negro Doctor Varney's daughter Beth who sings beautifully, and with George and Fran, two other Negro students whom she asks to work on committees. As a result, Sue is nearly ostracized herself but later the ""miracles"" that happen- such as Dr. Varney's saving Sue's younger brother and Beth's inspired singing- slowly change minds, first of Sue's own parents, then her friends and some of the teachers at school. A heartening story of a sad social situation, that proves its point and does its own bit to improve matters.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1954
Publisher: Macmillan