THE OTHER CHILDREN by Adeline Rumsey
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A third novel, which again does not equal her first, When The Bough Breaks, this is an extension of a situation which holds sympathy as well as singularity, the effect of the explosion of a schoolhouse on the few that remain. Here is the strange, strained world which survives the catastrophe; Judith Webster, whose husband's death mattered less to her than that of her stepdaughter; Mrs. Malloy, worn by poverty, who lost five children out of seven; Mrs. Heath, who lost Dana, but not Clarry who had played hookey that day. Here is the uneasy embarrassment of the old, and the few children left who are not allowed to forget they were singled out; the unnatural events which followed as Marjorie, who had loved Dana, turns to his brother Clarry and becomes pregnant; as Buxx Malloy first makes trouble- then suicides; as Judith, directionless, realizes there is some future for her in staying on to help the others. A convincing cross section of calamity, this has its quotient of compassion as well as curiosity, and women may very well like it.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1947
Publisher: Simon & Schuster