PAY THE PIPER by Adelyn Bushnell


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The author of the dramatic Tide Rode and Rock Haven turns to a contemporary setting for the story of a man who misses not only the chance of becoming a famous singer but also the possibility of integrity as a human being. For Kenny Melcher, of Indiana, who was given the stage name of Keith James-Winter, had a voice which fulfilled everyone's hopes for it -- in Chicago, Boston and London; he had charm too -- but there was always something lacking, and when the challenge came -- to get along with an inimical opera company -- he passed it by with the excuse that his dying patron needed him. Fleeing World War II, he returned to Boston and when cash was low turned to teaching. With the coming of one successful protege, Rolf, and his verk with two new hopefuls, Al, an observant as -, and inexperienced Jennie, James-Winter was faced with a situation which brought out all his vengeful and jealous tendencies, was condemned by them to try to wreck Jennie's career. But Relf and Al proved quicker and stronger than he and saved the girl from artistic disaster. A machine tooled story with enough vitality in character and romance to give it plausibility and interest.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1950
Publisher: Coward-McCann