LOOKING OUTWARD: ars of Crisis at the UN by Adlai Stevenson

LOOKING OUTWARD: ars of Crisis at the UN

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Instead-of reading this as a collection of speeches by a gifted orator, it should be read as a history of two years and more of the challenge of statesmanship to world affairs, as presented at the UN -- and elsewhere. It makes exciting and rewarding- and sometimes disturbing contemporary history. The editors have grouped Stevenson's speeches under major breakdowns, instead of arranging them chronologically. A few are isolated as belonging alone, such as the tribute to Mrs. Roosevelt, ""She Would Rather Light Candles"", and to Dag Hammarskjold. These were years that compassed important happenings, vital decisions, movements of people significant to the world:- the Congo crisis; Cuba; issues involving recognition of Red China; Latin America; Southeast Asia; the troika issue in the UN; the Soviet's excessive use of the veto, etc. etc. Stevenson speaks out fearlessly and challengingly, never losing sight of our basic principles, the vital importance of the UN, economic changes such as the Common Market and the Atlantic Community. There are the glowing sense of his faith in the vitality of democracy, the continuing challenge to us as a world power, the dangers inherent in our limitations. It may be unnecessary to stress again the sheer delight of reading anything Adlai Stevenson writes, not only for content and presentation, but for facility of expression, balance of intellectual substance and emotional values and the saving grace of humor.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1963
Publisher: Harper & Row