THE CODE BREAKERS OF ROOM 40 by Admiral Sir William James


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By an Officer who served under Admiral Sir William R. Hall, this is a biography of Hall- the Director of British Counter Intelligence who did so much to widen this sphere of espionage and effectiveness during World War I. A dominant, and dynamic figure, Hall left an active command to take over this division, increased its scope and staff, and in Room 40 where his headquarters were maintained, surrounded himself with professors, a banker, a music critic, even a dress designer. His liaison with Sir Basil Thomson of the Yard was also a valuable innovation. In the record here of ruses and decoys, signals and codes deciphered, before and during the last war, probably his most important coup was the decoding of the Zimmermann telegram which aroused American sentiment and helped to bring America into the war... An accurate if rather deliberate account, of historical value but less likely to attract the desultory reader.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press