THE LIFE YOU SAVE: Your Career in Health by Adrian A. Burke, Betsy & Paradis

THE LIFE YOU SAVE: Your Career in Health

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The health field spans an endless array of diversified professions and jobs, most of which are assembled here with their requirements, qualifications and duties. From doctors, nurses and technicians, through volunteers, aides and dieticians, each job is carefully outlined with a word to the wise high school student on early preparation. The actual training and opportunities within each field come next and a list of addresses for acquiring informational materials follows. Statistics abound here --indicating the need in each area. Though there may be a certain naivete in decrying the need for doctors without mentioning the discriminatory practices of training institutions, this is nevertheless a sound rundown for anyone who chooses to do service in this way.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1962
Publisher: McKay