BUSINESS IN ACTION by Adrian A. Paradis


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This cheery, optimistic volume tells in simple yet very human terms the story of business and its possibilities in this country today. The book in fact is crammed with facts, though it is to the author's credit that it doesn't seem dry or text bookish. He tells us for instance how the stock market works, drawing the nation together for a day's trading by fantastically fast communications systems. He gives examples of how business gets started and how it finances itself, how towns like Nashua, New Hampshire, can recover from a disastrous mill closing, how Diner's Club operations work, how mergers and automation are affecting both business and the public, how federal regulatory agencies are continually watching over the nation's trading and financing operations, and how areas like excesses of farm products cause serious economic difficulties. Not the least interesting however is the story of the famous swindler, Alexander Guterma, and how he amassed a paper fortune in mills and stocks before being sent to prison. Another area of general interest to the reader will be the field of automation---how it is putting people out of jobs (and decreasing business markets in stricken sections of the country), yet how it can create new jobs if proper planning accompanies it. The book should prove especially valuable to young people considering a business career.

Publisher: Messner