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THE RESEARCH HANDBOOK: A Guide to Reference Sources by Adrian A. Paradis

THE RESEARCH HANDBOOK: A Guide to Reference Sources


Pub Date: April 25th, 1966
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls

There's more here than the subtitle indicates. At the practiced pace of an experienced explainer, Paradis outlines the use of a library catalog, the standard reference sources, government documents, how to read a newspaper, indexes to periodicals and how to get to audio-visual materials. Further, there is a section on maps and charts and how to read them, an introduction to the reading of stock market reports, the logical steps in researching information for a term paper, a long list of places to send to for additional free and inexpensive materials (the guide of the same name and the Encyclopedia of Associations might have been introduced instead, thus saving space, paper and possibly influencing the price of this). There is a set of directions for preparing for a test. Its reassuring tone and its sensible approach to neophyte research projects makes this the sort of book no highschool graduate will be especially thankful to receive -- until he's in college.