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Secrets from the Heart of a Teacher

by Adrian Johnson & Quaneshala Johnson

Pub Date: Dec. 23rd, 2011
ISBN: 978-0615423302

A husband-and-wife team offers straightforward financial advice and biblically inspired guidance to help readers change their thinking about money.

The Johnsons know from personal experience that many Americans are deep in debt and living paycheck-to-paycheck, with poor budgeting skills and little ability to plan for a secure future. With this book, they provide a simple, actionable plan to address those issues and help readers achieve financial freedom. Drawing inspiration from well-known self-help and personal finance gurus like Dave Ramsey and Napoleon Hill, the authors outline a four-step approach to eliminating debt, building savings and achieving the “true abundance” of sharing wealth with others. The tone is friendly and engaging throughout, and the authors effectively use personal anecdotes to illustrate their points; Adrian explains how perseverance, hard work and smart budgeting allowed him to repay a $125,000 debt in just a few years, while Quaneshala relates her experiences with credit cards. Charts help illustrate concepts such as the benefits of investing early for retirement, while inspirational quotes from Deuteronomy to Oprah Winfrey dot the text. The religious tone will likely make the book most relatable to Christians, but the core financial principles are universal. While certain experts might take issue with some of the Johnsons’ advice (they suggest buying identity theft insurance, for example, which some might argue is a waste of money), the vast majority of the proffered tips are sound if somewhat basic. The sections on how couples can work together to manage their finances and advice on developing strategies for charitable giving are particularly insightful. While savvy investors won’t discover much new information, those who are seeking both encouragement and specific techniques to achieve financial success will find it here.

Useful tips and inspiring advice for those taking the first steps to gaining control over their personal finances.