WINDOW ON THE SEA by Adrien Stoutenburg
Kirkus Star


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A searching novel of adolescent frustration and rebellion, this is well done on all scores. From her father's bait shop overlooking San Francisco Bay, 16-year old Mollie Lucas sees a comfortable familiar world until Kingsley Reynal enters her life with an opportunity to view another and richer side of life. Many of the factors every girl experiences are here:- conformity, a girl's role in today's society, her duty to her parents and herself, boy friends - and so on. Mollie is disturbed by the feeling that she is missing much the world has to offer, when ""egghead"" Kingsley, a ""loner"" with a taste for Gestalt psychology and Thoreau, arouses in her a curiosity about things intellectual, and discontent with the pattern set by her present life. The story follows Mollie's response to new ideas and feelings and her struggle with the conflict between old loyalties and new awareness of herself as an individual. Here is young romance that goes well beyond the standard brand for readers who ask more.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1962
Publisher: Westminster