WALK INTO THE WIND by Adrien Stoutenburg


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The author has far surpassed her last romance, A Time for Dreaming (1963, 193, ) with this story of an unusual teenager, Fay Mulligan, and her efforts to adjust to a new way of life (her parents have just separated and she lives in Nevada with her self-centered mother). More interested in poetry than football plays, Fay is slow to make friends with the ran-rah bus crowd. She is the subject of ribbing and teasing which she doesn't take gracefully; and the battle against loneliness at home and in school seems unending. Letters from her father in Chicago help as does her preoccupation with a pet lamb, but uneasiness continues until she gradually befriends a surly neighbor, Hodge Carling, who seems all shoulderpads and helmet at first. A certain amount of coincidence detracts from the plausibility for she discovers that underneath his football gear Hodge is a poet; her parents are happily reunited and decide to stay in Fay's new home; but the teenage relationships are kept at a realistic level of involvement which will not necessarily send Fay and Hodge steaming down the aisle to the ltar.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1964
Publisher: Westminster