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THE CROCODILE'S MOUTH by Adrien Stoutenburg



Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1966
Publisher: Viking

This is a collection of fourteen Polk songs that tell stories -- Strawberry Roan, The Gray Goose, Sweet Betsy from Pike. Adrien Stoutenberg has arranged them in verses that read well aloud and without the repetive choruses or the vocal embellishements of ""ki yi's"" or ""tooroolum"" or such, which always seem embarrassing to say rather than sing. There is a note on song sources which makes the point that the song stories included are well known and widely collected so that the fact that the music is not included in this book is no tragic flaw. The verses are a method of rediscovering a native form of humor and it's different and compelling in this presentation. The book is really suitable for use with all ages.