ASTERIA by Adrienne  Enfinger


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Debut author Enfinger sets this good-versus-evil urban fantasy in New Orleans.

Ever since the deaths of her parents when she was 14, Asteria has carried a great deal of grief with her, even living on the streets of New Orleans for a time. Enter an archangel. Micah, who has an English accent and “fair, luminous skin,” stops Asteria from ending her life and provides some mind-blowing information. He explains the true cause of her parents’ deaths: Asteria descends from Nephilim—people with angel fathers and human mothers. Because she has Nephilim blood, Asteria is a target of a fallen angel named Azazel. Her fate is further complicated by an old prophecy in which she may play a lead role. With the help of her off-the-grid uncle Jethro, Asteria becomes a fierce fighter, while her best friend Kendra uncovers her own abilities as a sorceress. The plot moves briskly even if some descriptions lack originality (for example, Asteria is “blinded by rage”). A growing attraction between Asteria and Micah (an “insanely hot archangel”) adds romance. (Even when one is engaged in a supernatural war, love still finds a way.) Despite all the violence and demons, there are many touches of innocence: Asteria becomes a formidable foe, but she still enjoys a hot shower and her “many trusty zip up hoodies.” Although our hero’s ultimate transformation pushes credulity, she remains an engaging protagonist fighting against great odds.

Asteria’s adventure races along unimpeded by the sometimes-clichéd writing.

Page count: 261pp
Publisher: Adelaide Publishing, LLC
Program: Kirkus Indie
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: April 1st, 2018


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