THE WORD by Adrienne Von Speyr


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As a physician and the wife of a university professor at Basle, Adrienne von Speyer's chief avocation is the exposition of her religious convictions. Her literary activity has been especially pronounced since her conversion to Catholicism in 1940. She has published a four volume commentary on the gospel according to St. John and a meditation on the Apocalypse, the Sermon on the Mount, Ephesians and Philippians. This is the first of her works to be translated into English. It is the first of her four volume treatise on John. While it covers specifically only the prologue to the fourth gospel, as a matter of fact it ranges over many subjects, and includes a discussion of the basic tenets of the Catholic Church. This is not a ""popular"" book. Closely reasoned and with many passages that have to be re-read to discern their full meaning, it is a book to be meditated upon. A meaty book for thoughtful Christians, particularly those of the Catholic church.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1953
Publisher: McKay