FINAL VERDICT by Adsia Rogers St. Johns


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The daughter of Earl Rogers, famous California trial lawyer whose record of cases reads like headlines in the history of criminal law, has written the story of her ""life with father"" that she promised him she would do. The truth as she saw it is here --and there are revelations that even today will provide headlines, notably perhaps the guilt of Clarence Darrow in the case which involved his tampering with the jury. Rogers felt that all men had a right to a fair trial and took cases that seemed impossible of acquittal and won. Some of these cases involved murder, others graft and politics in high places. Rogers became a political power, though he never sought posts for himself; he became the idol of the people -- and the press -- and even of the police force, when he won a case for three of their own. He spoke for capital when he felt labor was using violence in complete disregard of human life; he spoke for the underdog when he chose-against all advice- to defend Darrow, and thus free him to carry the flag forward (only at the end did he know he had been wrong-and Darrow guilty). When- after incredible success, he lost a case and Bundy went to the gallows, something broke. And with it the long battle against John Barleycorn was lost. Rogers was through....Exciting as true crime, this is a fascinating human document, written by a daughter who became a nationally known reporter. Biased- yes- but this presents the other side of the coin.

ISBN: 0548437947
Publisher: Doubleday