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MURDER HURTS by A.E. Maxwell


by A.E. Maxwell

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1993
ISBN: 0-679-41817-2
Publisher: Villard

 It hurts, sure, but it doesn't kill you--not if you're shamus/ adventurer Fiddler (The King of Nothing, 1992, etc.), who survived a shooting that left his raffish Uncle Jake dead. Fiddler killed one of the hired guns years ago; now an anonymous caller offers to sell him the name of their employer for $50,000, and throw in the other gunman for free. The deal isn't really that simple, of course, and soon Fiddler realizes that he's gotten caught in the crossfire between Hollywood producer Aileen Camp, who used to buy dope from Jake, and agent Barry Franklin for control of Visual Arts Pictures. By the time Fiddler is sure who he wants to kill, somebody else has beaten him to the punch, using Fiddler's signature Detonics, and leaving Fiddler on the run and his ex-wife/lover Fiora in the pokey. More woolly revenge (was Jake selling coke or only harmless weed?) than mystery, with Fiddler's customary strong points--his running love/hate with the law, the ingenious final sting--less impressive than usual, and far too much coitus interruptus with Fiora.