BLAZE OF GLORY by Agatha Young


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The 1880's, Saratoga and New York, as a backdrop for the story of a type of woman, arrogant, assured, and self-bound Willoughby Cleveland who used that unfair advantage to get what she wanted. Meeting Stuyvesant Lailey, who wants to make her his mistress while Willow wants a career in the theatre, she bypasses his love for her, does not admit her marriage to Sam Hadley, and gets Lailey to angel the show in which she will have the lead. Willow keeps both Lailey and Sam at bay until after the show, and her failure in it is a humbling experience, does not deflect her from continuing in the theatre while Sam turns to a younger, nicer woman and Lailey realizes that she is not for him. -- Spurious, even a little shrill at times, this is largely for the ladies to rent.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1950
Publisher: Random House