DAYLIGHT AND DARK by Agnes Adams Fisher


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A small town, New Salem, Missouri, not too long ago but far away in more than one sense, is a close community where the observances and practices of the Latter Day Saints form a firm foundation for a story of less stamina. This sect, with its earnest attendance at prayer meetings, church suppers, Conferences, and the women (with their ambitious domesticity), supplement the romances of Myron and Jerome Baylord- Myron, a widower adored by the sixteen year old Alix, and Jerome, his considerably younger brother. But Myron is to marry Kate, whom he meets at the Conference, while Jerome is less lucky in his choice of Rogene- eaten away by a sense of guilt and an unhealthy desire for the unctuous Elder Nephi Fredericks. First in penance, then in haste, she agrees to marry Jerome who is a patient witness to her discontent- ended only by her death, in an accident..... A woman's book, conservatively inclined.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1955
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls