OUT OF THESE ROOTS by Agnes E. Meyer


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Democracy is hard work""- so says Mrs. Meyer, who has lived her faith in democracy to the full. And not shirked the hard work. This is the story of a full life. An honest story, revealing the insecurities of her adolescent years, and how in her maturer years she found again the roots of early childhood happiness. It is a story of a period of feverish seeking in fields of art and letters; it is a story of a marriage to a financier, a public servant, a newspaper publisher -- and of how that marriage enriched and motivated her life. It is a story of training for social welfare in the field of politics under a political boss of the best type; of how she went on to fight for community service, better education in public schools the country over, sounder health education and a nation-wide system of public health, a fair deal for minorities, a sane approach to immigration, and so on.... If your faith in America is shaken, this is a book that makes you realize what we as citizens can do.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1953
Publisher: Little, Brown (A.M.P.)