OH, WATCHMAN! by Agnes Mary Sanford


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This is not an easy book to present, for on the one hand it is sure to find a waiting public to whom the spiritual message will be of constructive value, while on the other hand some readers, who start reading it thinking it a straight novel, will feel that the message takes precedence over the story. The central figure is a veteran, who after months in a hospital, trying to save a shattered leg from amputation, is home, feeling himself ready for a normal life only to face a return to the hospital. The anti-climax is too much for him; he sinks deeper into despair, his girl lets him down; and he tries to take his own life. Only the, at first abortive efforts of a fellow sufferer and a Grey Lady pull him out- with a sort of faith healing -- which he in turn applies to others in a chain which has its weak links. The ultimate miracle is a little hard to believe but brings the romance to a fitting end. The significance of the idea carries over, and for those who are ready for it, is self-applicable. But the manner of the telling is sometimes artificial, and the characters- particularly the Grey Lady and the Jewish boy who has made the system his own- are almost too good to be true. A book to watch, however, and one which has constructive power.

Publisher: Lippincott