SATAN'S PARADISE by Agnes Morley Cleaveland


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Chronicles of Colfax County, and Cimarron in particular, are given a personal touch as the author parades a series of personalities and incidents gathered from family history and first hand interviews. The controversial Maxwell Land Grant whose master Lucien B. Maxwell continued a feudal tradition, the claims of English and Dutch, the part that Clay Allison, Dick Wootton and his toll gate, the rowdies and the trail blazers, the law officers and Fred Lambert especially are part of the story which encompasses some eight generations of life in New Mexico. From the time when there was a personal and private interpretation of justice, when a new land was being carved out in spite of the emergencies of frontier living, on to the day of the Stanley Steamer and airplane, here is a procession of man hunts, cattle thieves, Indians, episodes above and below the border, disputes over land and the means by which they were settled -- all in nostalgic presentation. For the Western fan -- the real stuff, and for the readers of her previous No Life For A Lady (1941) there's still the same sparkle and warmth.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin