VASSAR WOMEN by Agnes Rogers


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Agnes Rogers, class of 1916, has employed the Lynd technique in cross-sectioning Vassar alumnae, from the historical, social, human and intellectual angles. Vassar graduates, 75 years out, -- this resolves itself into what they have done, of the changes inside the college and out, and in the last analysis of the changing place of women in America. The typical graduate today is a typical woman, in the upper brackets, intellectually, financially and socially, but not the blue stocking nor the snob of reputation, past and present. Her adaptations to the world today are those of the intelligent trained mind, she is able to combine business and a home, frequently business and marriage and parenthood. From waist measures to life ambitions, she has searched them all out. There is nothing particularly sensational, but it is a craftsmanlike job for special market.