NORWAY by Agnes Rothery


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A disappointing book, from every angle except that of sheer aesthetic enjoyment in the beauties of Norway. Miss Rothery conveys delightfully, as always, a sense of the physical aspects of the country, of the natural beauties, the character of the people, their cities, their villages, their homes, their way of life. But, somehow, today, one expects more -- particularly where opportunity is at hand and little else on the market in competition. One expects -- and does not get -- some aspects of Norway's place in international affairs, something of Norway's contribution to economic and sociological problems, something of their labor conditions, of the extent of the cooperatives so much heralded in Sweden, something of their probable position in relation to fascism and the next war. On all of this she is either silent, or skirts the edges superficially. Too bad -- it limits her market sharply, to those who want simply a background travel book on Norway.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1939
Publisher: Viking