ONE-DOG MAN by Ahmad Kamal
Kirkus Star


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This was a magazine one-shot under the title Randolph, -- here in book form, it has added a frame from the boy's later life. A sure-fire three boys and a dog story, told in the first person, this develops a nine year old newcomer's friendship with the twins, Bob and James, and their deepening desire to have dogs of their own. Their feud with the Coffee boys is heightened when the latter's Dora is to have pups, and the three work on ways and means to earn money for dog tags, leashes and collars. How they finally win the only puppy left in the litter, and where the likable Randolph leads them, climaxes in the newcomer's departure -- and the heartbreak of parting, but not with Randolph. Embellished by fabulous battles, excursions from home, a tree house, a deep sea diving outfit, catastrophe at a concert, an epic spanking, a running away from home -- this has the universal appeal of young imps in all their earnest -- if faulty in execution -- efforts to achieve an ambition. Real kids, real sentiment -- and real humor.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1950
ISBN: 0595009905
Publisher: Random House