KIRSTI COMES HOME by Aili Konttinen


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Safe from the horrors of World War II in the elegant home of her Swedish foster parents, Kirsti never dreamed she would one day be returned to her real parents in Finland and the farm she could not remember. When that time comes, it finds Kirsti totally unprepared for the demanding adjustment. ""The Swedish princess""- a nickname derisively given her by her brothers and sisters-spends the first few strange months idle and melancholy. Despite the language barrier, Mother's understanding breaks the ice and Kristi gradually enters into the farm life. But it is the promise that her Swedish ""Mummy"" will soon claim her for good that creates the real impetus for her participation. During the interim she discovers the thrill of owning a newborn colt, the joy of making friends and learning their language. When ""Mummy"" finally does come for her, Kirsti knows she will never leave her real family. The author has approached the subject with moving awareness and compassion. She shapes a convincing story with vivid characters.

Publisher: Coward-McCann