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by Aiman A. Al-Maimani

ISBN: 978-0-595-71594-7

A true believer’s testimonial on the power of positive thinking.

In the vein of The Secret, but without its esoteric mumbo jumbo, Law of Attraction Handbook breaks down into easy steps the process by which one acquires wealth, success, power and the heart’s desire. Adherents to the Law of Attraction believe that the energy we emit into the universe determines what comes back to us. If we vibrate positive notions (I will lose weight, I will find love, I will be promoted to a managerial position), then we will attract what we desire. If we send out negative vibes, we run the risk of becoming magnets for unpleasantness. Al-Maimani explains the Law then devotes short chapters to its usual accoutrements: auras, affirmations and visualizations. The book focuses largely on a spiritual reading of the Law, and each chapter ends with a summation and a series of devotional exercises or instructions that teach ways to manifest the Law in the life of the practitioner. The Law has its roots in 19th-century spiritualism. In the 20th century it was co-opted by the New Agers and, when its money-making potential was realized, taken for a roller-coaster ride by motivational gurus like Tony Robbins. Thus, the path to happiness became as cluttered as the Las Vegas strip. Al-Maimani declares himself a disciple of Robbins and other flashy preachers of the Law, but while his book is filled with the jargon of his mentors, it is not ostentatious. It is billed as a handbook not for high-test dreamers and those who aspire to fame and riches, but for the everyman. The author’s writing is clear and concise, with a sincerity that is engaging–he is earnest, never glib, and so his message seems genuine.

A simplistic but heartfelt how-to for self-helpers.