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This is a factual survey of today's Air Force and the equipment currently in use. Our Air Force is divided into 17 major commands, 11 of which use specialized aircraft or equipment to carry out missions. A run-down on the duties and purposes of each command is presented. Of special importance is the work of the AMC (Air Materials Command), in charge of buying, storing and shipping supplies, and the ATC (Air Training Command), whose crucial function is obvious. The developments, since the Korean War, of rockets, jets and modern bombers and fighters are carefully outlined, indicating names, dates, tonnage, mileage and other pertinent features of specific aircraft. Confusing names and initials are helpfully explained in a concluding glossary, and more than 80 photographs illustrate the text. Appeal is guaranteed only for those teenagers whose interests leap high into air and space.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1960
Publisher: Putnam