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From the Ivory Key Duology series, volume 2

by Akshaya Raman

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 2023
ISBN: 9780358468349
Publisher: Clarion/HarperCollins

Reunited siblings Vira, Riya, Ronak, and Kaleb finally possess the legendary Ivory Key, only to discover that it unlocks a centuries-old secret that could lead to everyone’s demise in this follow-up to the 2022 series opener.

The Ivory Key was supposed to be the solution to Ashoka’s dwindling source of magic, but Vira and her sister and brothers must work together by splitting up to decode the artifact’s cipher and understand its true potential. As they pursue their mission, each rajkumaari’s and rajkumaara’s individual journey continues to be fraught with betrayal and danger. Maharani Vira is unexpectedly dethroned by the Council; Riya now possesses within her an unpredictable and unwanted magic; Ronak’s unfulfilled need to escape his betrothal and exonerate Kaleb leads him to make precarious choices; and Kaleb ventures to a neighboring country to investigate the emperor and learn more about his biological mother’s side of the family. But as they dig deeper into Ashoka’s hidden magical history, they’re challenged by the mysterious Kamala Society, which originally sealed the magic quarries, and the Order of the Mayura, a cultlike group who worship a goddess whom they believe will grant her followers great power upon her resurrection. Deception and peril occur at every twist and turn in Raman’s thrilling duology closer, set in an Indian-inspired setting. Even more compelling are the dynamic, nuanced relationships among the protagonists, which fuel their individual growth and self-actualization.

A satisfying finale to a tale of magic, self-discovery, and family.

(map) (Fantasy. 13-18)