THE GREAT MAN by Al Morgan


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Five decisive days in the life of radio reporter Ed Harris afford in inside spot on the airways and introduces the hustler, huckster world of the ""electronic pitch game"". For Ed, who has been asked to do the memorial show which will be a monument to Herb Fuller who has just died, has also been tapped to succeed him, and in filling in the background on the Great Man he learns the lesson that success is only a packaged deal. He can be a Great Man- but he will also be a heel. From Carol, a girl on the Fuller show and one of Herb's many women, he finds out that sex is only a ""kind of job insurance. Like social security"". From Beasley, who gave Fuller his start, he gets the text of a first sermon in Worcester which brought him his following- until he started mixing dirty jokes in with the hymns. From Sid, who had a contract to hold over Fuller- and now Ed, he gets the facts behind a memorable patriotic speech Fuller was said to have delivered from abroad. And the dissolute spectacle of the man behind the legend finally cumulates to the last truth that any network can create a character and commercialize it... A brash, brisk transmission- to the audience which liked The Hucksters, the pace is unimpeded and the prose is picturesque. The publishers will give it their pitch- and men should sponsor it.

Publisher: Dutton