G I HAD FUN by Al Schacht


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Following Bob Hope and Joe F. Brown in reporting to the folks back home, the Clown Prince of baseball tells of his experiences in entertaining the boys overseas and how the all-American love of the game and the importance of news from home helped him amuse soldiers, sailors, the wounded, and those about to go into action. From the adventure of a bottle of Irish whiskey -- to Port Lyautey -- Casablanca -- Oran --Algiers -- Tunia -- Sicily Biserte -- Constantine and home; then to New Guinea and camps and bases there; he toured, tossed off his routine, solo, and lived with the boys. He learned about GI Joe first hand his humor, patience, courage, and he shares his unabashed pride in what they are doing, and sentiment by a comedian sobered by personal knowledge of what its like...Amusing incidents rather than lines of gags, told by a guy who did it for the boys he loved.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1945
Publisher: Putnam